Mission & Objectives

SEAAC’s Vision

SEAAC youth services seek to provide an opportunity for all newly arrived migrant and refugee young people in the southern and south eastern region of Melbourne to be knowledgeable and informed about life in Australia and to be connectedempowered and independent participants of Australian society. 


SEAAC is committed to empowering culturally diverse young people through responsive and innovative programs and services. SEAAC employs a diverse team of staff and volunteers with expertise in working with our client group.


The purposes and objectives of SEAAC are:

 a.  To provide benevolent programs such as food, furniture, shelter, clothing, bedding and financial assistance to relieve the poverty, isolation, misfortune and helplessness of financially destitute and socially isolated persons of non-English speaking and culturally diverse backgrounds in Victoria.

 b.  To develop and deliver material aid programs such as food, furniture, shelter, clothing, bedding and financial assistance to promote the welfare and alleviate the helplessness of Migrants, Refugees and Special Humanitarian program entrants in Victoria.

 c.  To promote and work towards full equality of people regardless of race, colour, religious affiliation, gender, language or religion in Victoria.

We work towards the purposes and objectives through the service provision of:

Casework services including:

  • individual case work with newly arrived young people
  • emergency relief provision
  • information and advice
  • referrals to specialist services
  • support for young people with family and community relationships
  • advocacy support to empower young people to advocate for themselves                 

Community capacity building including:

  • English language improvement projects
  • Education/Employment pathways projects
  • Social participation projects
  • Partnership development
  • Promotion and awareness raising of multi-cultural values
  • Support for integration between different ethnic communities and the wider community


The SEAAC Youth Team –

1. Values respect and understanding for diversity of background and need

2. Is committed to principles of social justice and the dignity of each individual

3. Believes that all people have the right to maintain their own belief systems and culture

4. Believes that all young people should be supported to see that they have the potential to achieve their life                 goals

5. Believes in equality of gender and seeks to instil this value through individual and group work with all community groups

6. Believes that all young people need to be provided with the opportunities to gain skill and knowledge in order to re-invest back into their communities

7. Believes that it is important to work towards changing social structures and community attitudes to achieve a more just and equal society

8. See young people as individuals but also as members of a family and a broader cultural community. That is, the youth team works with young people within a broader family and societal context.