Tuesday, 26 August 2014 04:07

SEAAC Funding news

The Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation and Noble Park English Language School join the growing number of partners who have seen what SEAAC is doing and chosen to support us with funding.


The Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation confirmed funding of $30,000 for one year to support capacity building at SEAAC.  The funding will pay for additional hours for coordination and should enable us to have the Co-ordinator position covered on a full time basis for the next 12 months. This will give us more capacity to focus on developing projects, partners and raising funding to support our work.


The success of our partnership with Noble Park English Language School (NPELS) which saw SEAAC in partnership with NPELS and YouthLinks win a national NAB Schools First award in 2013 has resulted in a contract to deliver services in partnership at NPELS for a further year.  $40,000 has been set aside to enable SEAAC to employ a part-time worker in partnership with a part time worker from YouthLinks to work exclusively at the school to deliver case-work and develop programs in and outside school to support the settlement for newly arrived young people attending the school.

Thanks for the funding and your ongoing support!